Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Importance of Lifeline Program for the People

We all go through tough situations in life, some more severe than others. At the point to where you cannot take care of your family let alone yourself, government benefit programs are extremely helpful as long as they are used for good. More than fifty percent of all adults who have ever received benefits from at least one of the following entitlement programs: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, unemployment benefits or food stamps.

The leading Government Assistance Program out of the six is Unemployment benefits at twenty seven percent, Social Security next at twenty six percent, Medicare at twenty two percent, Food stamps at eighteen, Medicaid at eleven, and Welfare benefits at eight percent. The government benefit programs I believe do benefit others who need them greatly and without those programs we would have a lot more people out living off of the streets. If you could not pay for your food, you suddenly are unemployed because of a tragic occurrence and need money, you are an older person that is not working anymore, do not have money for food and your children’s food, you got severely hurt… in so many ways our country is helped out financially by our government.

I believe we do this for the greater good but we should not just throw our money out there if it is not being used for the better. Our government needs to take extra percussions to ensure that the people getting government benefits through whatever program they are in are using it to try to make their life better. Too many times does our money be used for drugs or they even make sure they do not get a job because what they are getting paid without a job to help them try to get their life back on track is a larger amount. Due to these circumstances, we should make the people receiving money take drug tests once a month to verify they are not using their money for drugs.

Second, if they are getting paid and are supposed to find a job so that they can get off of their program they are involved in, they should at least go to a job interview once a week so we know they are at least taking a step towards making their own lives better including their families. Making sure they are using the money for what they are supposed to and at trying to improve their lives should be mandatory. Our citizens should not have to pay money so that we can keep these programs up and running for those who need it. And if we find out that those not using the money for the right things should not be allowed back in the government benefit programs and that way we can use that money for those who truly deserve it and want a better life. Our government is trying their best to make those going through harsh times lives better as long as they deserve it.


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