Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Government Benefits

The government benefit program is an important resource for helping people with financial difficulties because it helps people that have nothing. I feel like it’s important because it help women and men who actually need help, but it also help me as I was growing up. Living in low income housing and having a single mother these benefits really helped my family coming up. Food stamps feed people who don’t have the money to pay for food, provides a single mother with comfort of knowing their child will eat and they want have to worry. Medicaid helps so you want have outrageous high medical bills and gives a child with a disability, sickness, or even good health the chance to not be left out from getting medical attention. If it wasn't for food stamps you will have children and more people starving, more people out stealing food to survive, and people dying because of starvation. And if it wasn't for Medicaid you will have more people that catch more illness’s, have millions of people that can’t afford their medication, more people caring and transmitting disease, or even children and people losing their lives to a sickness.

 I think the government is doing a good job on the new programs they have to help people in need, because when I was growing up we didn't have the food stamps phone that you can use in case of an emergency. Giving people that can’t afford a cell phone was a great idea not only for safety, but to keep in contact with people. As I was growing up we didn't have people out to help apply for Medicaid or food stamps, now you have people in the market place, grocery stores, and streets trying to make sure those in need have what they need. I think their doing an awesome job and maybe children who parents get this help will appreciate what the government benefit program does, because I know I do and I know it would have been nights I wouldn't eat or go to the doctor without these great benefits. So appreciate the program they are only out to help.

The only thing that I would like to see change is that they be more cautious to who they give these benefits to because its people in this society that take it for granted. you have people that apply for these benefits to sale their food stamps, help pay for their medicine to sale on the street, and I don’t think that’s right and if you do catch doing it you shouldn't be able to apply for these benefits again, because its people that actually need the assistance and people that would love to get them. Other than that I think the program is helping a lot of people and feeding and taking care of a child that wouldn't be here if it wasn't because of these benefits. It helped me eat so after all it shows the program is beneficial to some people and has an impact on some. 


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